Monday, August 22, 2011

Computering While Smartphoning

Perhaps Cicero has over-reacted to the imperial behavior of those who chose nouns as their bounty.  The colonization of nouns into verbs continues unabated.  The gusto with which this phenomenon is occurring leads Cicero to conclude that folks in the media now believe that the act of colonizing a noun is a mark of distinction.  Which brings me to "decisioning." Recently Cicero had occasion to investigate the merits of opening an account with Experian, the credit agency.  The fruit of information that Experian purports to include in its service offering are "decisioning tools."  Cicero hopes that Experian can explain the difference between deciding and decisioning.  Be that as it may, Cicero will test out the verbing-of-the-nouns for a while.  Like, ya know, this one time when Cicero was smartphoning, while at the very same time, computering.  And I was sitting.