Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pebbles in the Mouth?

Being an occasional list of cringe-inducing pronunciations.
  1. cou'en, wou'en, shou'en: couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't
  2. winner, et al.: winTer
  3. ax (I axed him might be construed as a confession of murder)
  4. axterick
Livia Drusa

Self-evident Annoyances Continued

7. Can I start you guys off with somethin a drink?
8. Your call is important to us (while you hold for 20 minutes on the 15th level of an automated telephone triage system)
9. Can I get the buffalo wings/Lemme get the beef Wellington

Livia Drusa

Friday, February 15, 2008

Partial List of Self Evident Usage Annoyances

Some things require no explanation. Below is a partial list. I swear to God, these things have been uttered by ADULTS:
  1. Espresso ordered as eXpresso
  2. suppose-UBLY
  3. I bought it with me;
  4. boughtEN, as in, "I had boughten it when I was in the City..";
  5. boughtenED, same example, but far worse because the person who says boughtenED clearly believes boughtenED to be the correct form of boughtEN.
  6. Thank you for taking my call

More to come, I'm sure.